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Kenya Shared Service



To become the best service and solution provider.

Services Provided

One-stop corporate back and middle office solutions for CFAO group of companies in

Corporate Finance Management Solutions


  • Budget Preparation
  • Budget Management

Financial Reporting

  • Management Account
  • Expense Analysis and Management
  • Income statement and Statement of Financial Position Management

Tax and compliance Management

  • Enhance tax compliance, tax savings.

Cash and Bank Management

  • Cash flow Management

Vendor Management

  • Payment and reconciliation

Human Resource Management Services

Group HR

Enhancement of group HR functions

  • HR Planning
  • Compensation
  • Employment
  • Labour Relations
  • Personal Research
  • Training & Development
  • Employee Benefit
  • Organisation Culture & Discipline
  • Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Wellness
  • HR Audit & Compliance


  • Careers Development Plan – Equip staff with the right skills
  • Succession Planning – Pipeline of the right talent
  • Talent Sourcing – Attract Right quality
  • Standardization – Policies and procedures
  • Enhance HR IT Tools  – SAGE. PMS, E-Learning

Strategic IT Management

Increase employee productivity using ICT

  • Innovative and interactive communication systems and infrastructure.
  • Modern data management and infrastructure

Reduce downtime (higher availability of ICT systems) 

  • Real-time monitoring of ICT application and infrastructure
  • 24hr incident report management system

Enhanced training of staff on the business system

  • Enhance the super users’ functions in order to empower and IT savvy employees

Digitalized Operations Solutions

Online Travel

  • End to End staff travel management tool. 


  • Training and Culture introduction and management.

Enterprise Risk Management


  • Security audit 
  • Operations Surveillance Management


  • Safety audit and development of minimum requirement


  • Develop a common database for Kenyan Companies.