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Our Mission

Generate synergy to provide professional Automotive solutions as a CFAO group company in Africa.

Automotive Opportunities

To state that mobility is changing is to state the obvious. From ride-hailing apps to the enhancement in technology for electric vehicles the opportunities in the automotive industry are Immense.They can be summarized in the acronym CASE (Connected Autonomous Shared Electric). This is explained below;


Connected: Taking advantage of the internet of things and especially vehicle WiFi we would like to establish new businesses that will avail numerous applications on vehicles that make vehicle usage experience great and also gather the information that can be useful to society e.g.

  • Traffic Accident alert systems linked to Police, ambulance and fire departments
  • Traffic Management
  • Weather information collection


Autonomous: In the near future the million-dollar question will be ‘Why have a car parked for 97% of its useful life, or 96.5% or 95% when you can have it driving and not occupying space in a parking facility?

This is the ultimate purpose of autonomous vehicles to ensure no vehicle is parked but autonomously transporting people from one place to another.


Shared: The idea behind carsharing vehicles  (also called Mobility As a Service Maas) is that one same vehicle can be used throughout the day by more than one user, each user renting it out per minute or per kilometer. This means that the same car makes 650% more trips and uses much less parking time when it is a carsharing vehicle.

Globally our parent company CFAO has now formed Mobility54 Company (

will invest in startups with innovative mobility solutions.

In Kenya, the group has invested as a minority shareholder in SENDY  which offers MaaS for sending things from point A to point B. Sendy’s innovative platform has reduced cost and increased efficiency of the movement of physical goods throughout Kenya.

The opportunities remain rife and we are actively looking at other initiatives to enhance our next mobility agenda


Electric: Provide environmentally friendly solutions and a sustainable future
But even the maintenance of an electric vehicle is much cheaper, simpler, and less polluting than that of a thermal engine, The mechanics in an electric car are much simpler.

If they are looking to the future, they must be powered by the future. This is combined with the use of clean energy solutions. As we look to the future we know we must be powered by the future clean and efficient energy.

To read more about what Toyota Motor Corporation is doing on CASE click here

Supporting Automotive distributors in East and West Africa

  • Sales & Marketing: strategy formulation, implementation and monitoring to exceed sales targets
  • Aftersales Operation: planning and implementation to meet OEM requirements
  • Government Relations: Promote legislative efforts to enhance distributor and OEM business
  • Assembly Production Support: Technical and logistics support vehicle assembly operations
  • New Business Development: Create opportunities for distributors to start new business to support core business

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